Welcome to the Lineage II - Vigilante List.

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1. Bartz
2. Sieghardt
3. Kain
4. Lionna
5. Erica
6. Gustin
7. Devianne
8. Hindemith

For information on how to get added to the lists, please post in this thread (http://boards.lineage2.com/tm.asp?m=240802) or send me (Morgorien) a PM at the forums.

A list of known bots/rude farmers, and a guide on how to use Vigilante List.
I'm very happy to say that we now have the support of Clans as well.
You might want to check out Mordiki's Guide to Wrecking out BOTs the FUN and LEGAL way.

If you want something done properly, you'll have to do it yourself.