List guide

So you've spottet a bot and want to have it killed. Firstly, use the shout channel to ask for help. If you don't get any response, Alt+tab or exit the game, then come to this site. Print out or write down the list of names on the server you're playing on. Log back in again and send whispers to people on the list (depending on how many bots there may be).

User = The in-game nickname of the character.
Class = The class of the character (e.g. Elf Fighter, Silver Ranger, etc).
Area = The area in which the user was seen at the date when he/she was added.
Date added = Self explanatory.
Buddies = Names of possible/known friends who will rush to user's aid.
Server = What server the character plays on.
Notes = Misc. notes. Verified means he/she is a bot/rude farmer. Not verified means you'll have to proceed at your own risk.